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Producer: Ruedi Gerber (Owner) & Laura Rossi (Winemaker)

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany

Founded: 1992

Annual Production: 10,000 Bottles
Farming: Organic (ICEA), Biodynamic (Demeter)

Founded in 1992 by filmmaker Reudi Gerber, Sequerciani began as eight neglected hectares in Maremma. Gerber decided to revitalize the property, converting it to organic agriculture and progressing on to receive Demeter biodynamic certification.


Situated on rolling, panoramic hills 200 meters above sea level and only 25 minutes from the sea Sequerciani is now a 50 hectare “azienda” – a working farm that produces wine, olive oil, and other biodynamic agriculture products. The fertile soil and gentle sea breezes provide an ideal growing situation for the traditional and indigenous grapes of the region.


In addition to the more commonly found Sangiovese, Ciligiolo, Aleatico (Passito), and Vermentino, Sequerciani has also rediscovered ancient indigenous grapes Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda. Pugnatello is a southern Italian variety that was only recently discovered in the Maremma. Its name comes from the Italian for “fist,” since the small, compact grape bunches are thought to resemble a small fist. With naturally balanced sugar and acid contents and a thicker skin that naturally resists disease, this is a grape that is ideally suited to biodynamic cultivation. The wine has a fruity and intense bouquet that is somewhat reminiscent of a Montepulciano, with medium to full body and fine tannins. Foglia Tonda is another older grape variety that has been revived by Sequerciani. The grape is similar to the Sangiovese grape, but matures somewhat later. It’s a vigorous variety, so pruning and green harvesting are used to keep the yields under control. When vinified, the grape yields a robust, intense wine with black fruit and floral notes.


In the vineyard, Sequerciani follows the normal biodynamic procedure, with natural fertilizers, biodynamic treatments (horn silica and horn manure) and manual harvest in small boxes. A new gravity-flow winery is being built that will be energy self-sufficient. 15% of the harvest is picked earlier then the rest and used as a pied de cuve to start fermentation in cement tanks. After harvesting the rest of the grapes, they are soaked in terracotta amphora then aged in amphora and barrels. No external temperature control is used, sulfites are not added and the wines are not fined or filtered.




Appellation: Toscana IGT
Varietal: Vermentino
Technical Sheet


Appellation: Toscana IGT

Varietal: Pugnitello

Technical Sheet


Appellation: Toscana IGT
Varietal: Foglia Tonda
Technical Sheet

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