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Producer: Mario and Mirko Vevey

Country: Italy
Region: Valle d'Aosta
Founded: 1968
Farming: Organic


Maison Vevey Albert was founded in 1968 by Albert Vevey, a pioneer of Valdostan wine-growing. In fact, he was the first President of the Associazione des Viticulteurs de Morgex in the early 1970s. In 1990, sons Mario and Mirko took over the family business and have been in charge of production ever since.


Maison Vevey Albert Winery is located in Morgex, in the Upper Aosta Valley, the smallest region of Italy. It is on the northwestern border of Italy nestled between France and Switzerland, and in the shadow of Mont Blanc. The vineyards are planted at the upper limits of viticulture with altitudes of 1000-1200 meters above sea level. This is true mountain wine. Because of its extreme location, this area never experienced the Phylloxera outbreak that affected nearly every other vineyard in the world.


With only 1.5 hectares of vineyard, the total production is about 12,000 bottles annually. Mirko attends to the care of the vineyard and viticulture, while Mario executes the vinification and is the family winemaker. The winery has chosen to produce its wines in the manner of local traditions, without following the trends of the market. Its wines are extremely typical of their area while remaining unique in their character.


Maison Vevey Albert produces its grapes in total respect for natural production cycles, without chemical fertilization. Any treatments used are based on the use of sulfur in powder and copper, without the use of synthetic insecticides.



Appellation: Vallée d'Aoste DOC
Varietal: Prié Blanc
Technical sheet

90 pts Vinous - Blanc de Morgex 2016


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