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About Us

Shiverick Imports’ boutique portfolio has grown through the relationships and bonds that David Shiverick has developed with some of the world’s finest wineries. His talent for discovering exceptional, food-friendly wines continues to delight savvy wine drinkers with finds from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, and the west coast of the United States.


Shiverick’s philosophy on choosing wines: Good wine should tell of its origin. There must be an authenticity to the wine which expresses its inherent characteristics – great quality wines should reflect their provenance. Wine should never be adulterated with practices that cloud the true nature of the wine's origin.


Two of the premier estates in the portfolio, Jean-Louis Chave and Max Ferdinand Richter, have nearly 1,000 years combined viticulture and wine production experience. Such generational devotion reflects David’s advocacy of family-owned businesses, independent-minded growers and natural production methods. Shiverick Imports has offices in Los Angeles and New York and their wines are sold in restaurants and retail stores throughout the United States.

Our History

In 1986, David Shiverick launched Langdon Shiverick Imports with his late partner, Louis Langdon. They began to source independently grown, terroir-driven wines at a time when many wines were being poorly made, and big business began to rule the wine market. Shiverick Imports continues to find and establish a thoughtfully developed portfolio of natural and storied wines.


Shiverick grew up in a family with epicurean tendencies and developed an interest in the interplay of food and wine. He has continued that tradition in his own home, and now his daughter Hope follows in his footsteps, having joined Shiverick Imports as Sales Director.

Shiverick entered the wine business in the late '70s, traveling and working throughout Europe. In the early '80s, he applied his acumen as part of a team to establish the Christies wine auction business. This was also the catalyst for David to go into business for himself. For over 30 years, the Shiverick portfolio has continued to grow - highlighting small family estates which produce wine made naturally, and have true personality. Shiverick Imports introduces these unique finds to the market, giving them exposure to wine lovers nationwide.


In 2007, David purchased a vineyard in Maury – situated at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in the South of France. In keeping with his geologic and historical mandate, the vineyard’s distinguishing characteristics include a finite outcropping of black Schist (metamorphosed granite) and 100+ year old vines.


Shiverick Imports has offices in Los Angeles and New York, with national distribution in 30 states.

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