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Shiverick’s philosophy on choosing wines: Good wine should tell of its origin – there must be an expression of terroir. Great wine should still be able to tell of its origin at twenty years – which is where the mastery of the craft of winemaking is proven. Wine must not be adulterated with characteristics that cloud its true nature.
Laurent Martray.jpg
Terme David & Anne-Marie with Barrels January 2016.jpg
Goussin David with Goussins January 2016.jpg
Pinard David & Vincent January 2016.jpg
Fournier David & Laurent January 2016.jpg
Billaud David and Samuel Talking in Street January 2016.jpg
Vieux Bourg Ludwig with Bottles in Cellar January 2016.jpg
Family in Vineyard.jpg
Samuel Billaud
Last Light
Catarina Viera
David Renaud
Philippe and Lorraine - Comte Senard
Martin Diwald
Deux Punx
José Luis Oliveira da Silva
David Renaud
Marc, Jacques and Jean Medeville
Yves Gangloff
Catarina Vieira and Antonia Ventura
Koji Nakada and Jae Hwa Park
Colin family
Jean Louis Chave
Famille Bories
Patrick Landanger
famille Neel-Chombart
Raphaël Thomas
Dirk Richter
Anne-Marie & Roland Gaudin
Vincent Pinard et Fils
Marie-Pierre Manciat
Laurent and Jean Macle
Luigi & Giuseppe Anselmi
Laurent Fournier
Bernard & Rudy Rémy
Pascal Laffourcade
Béatrice & Pascal Lambert
Bertrand Galbrun
Frédérick Goussin & Olivier Euillot
Ludwig Bindernagel & Nathalie Eigens
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