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Producer: Hans and Martin Diwald

Country: Austria
Region: Wagram
Farming: Organic (Certified), Vegan



Wagram is an Austrian wine region located just to the northwest of Vienna. The 2900 hectare district extends down the Danube River from Krems to Klosterneuburg. Situated on a long ridge overlooking the Danubian plain, the soils of Wagram are characterized by being particularly rich in loess, making the area especially favorable for Gruner Veltliner.


Paula and Hans Diwald pioneered their winery’s conversion to completely organic viticulture during a time when chemicals and additives were prominent in winemaking. In 1980, the Diwalds converted their 4 hectare farm into a vineyard. After some trial and error with chemical fertilizers, the two made the decision to farm organically in order to improve the quality of their fruit, an idea that seemed ludicrous at the time to other winemakers.


Today Austria is a center of organic and natural wine making and Martin Diwald leads the second generation of the family’s commitment to producing authentic wine that reflects the land, resources, and environment. He has continued to pursue further organic advancements, including spontaneous fermentation, excluding any use of yeasts for inoculation, and a complete cellar renovation, obtaining new stainless steel tanks, fermentation stands, and wood casks as well as implementing modern technology to create the perfect environment for winemaking.


According to Martin, the goal is “to produce cheerful wines, in which the zest of the region and the philosophy of the vintner are united.” 



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