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Domaine de Blanes

Located in the far southwest of France and often overshadowed by its larger neighbor, Languedoc, Roussillon has a very distinct identity, both culturally and geographically. Its climate and customs are often more similar to nearby Spain than to the rest of France and the rugged Pyrenees mountain range contributes to the arid, sunny climate.


Nestled in the heart of the Roussillon on "millefeuille" schist slopes, Domaine de Blanes is located in the commune of Pezilla de la Riviere, 15 km from the Mediterranean Sea and 20 km from Spain. The estate was founded in 1958 and run by Jean Pierre and Rose Marie Bories. In 2000, their daughter, Marie Pierre, took over the family Domaine, managing 15 acres, attached to an 80 hectare farm littered with orange trees.


Before taking over her position at the Domaine, Marie Pierre, with her passion for oenology, travelled around the world to experience wine production in other countries such as Australia, Argentina and Chile. Taking her learning experiences with her, she developed a unique wine making savoir faire that she brought back to her home region in French Catalane. Within a few years she quickly developed a very consistent set of wines that tell of their origin. In addition, the Domaine is farmed organically, preserving the biodiversity of the land.


“Learning - Respect - Nature - Balance - Passion - Path.  A symbol to me because wine is a path, the path of life. There is a detour at every turn, which leaves an impression. Sometimes a little depressed, sometimes tinged with a burst of light … but always with a message …" Marie Bories



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Producer: Marie Pierre Bories

Country: France
Region: South West
Annual Production (of all wines): 12,000 bottles

Farming: Organic


Le Clot

Appellation: Vin de pays des Côtes Catalanes

Varietal: Syrah

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