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Producer: Gérald Dubreuil

Country: France
Region: Bugey
Founded: 1998
Farming: Organic



The small appellation of Bugey has only about 500 ha of vines in total and is located near Savoie. The AOC specializes in Cerdon, a low-alcohol sparkling wine made by méthode ancestrale, which is a traditional way of making the lightly sparkling, medium sweet wine.


The Dubreuil family has been growing vines in Bugey for three generations. Gérald’s grandfather, Victor, was one of the first in the area to produce Cerdon using the méthode ancestrale. Starting with only 0.5 hectares, within three generations, the family has acquired seven hectares of land in Poncin, a small village between Lyon and Geneva.


Gérald entered the family business in 1998, after earning a BTSA in viniculture and winemaking. Since 2007, when his father retired, he has been solely responsible for the operation. He has great respect for the environment and in 2016 created a company named Harvest Meryem that produces organic grapes.



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Appellation: Bugey Cerdon AOC

Varietal: Gamay
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