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Producer: Enrico and Alessio Anselmi

Country: Italy
Region: Pocenia
Founded: 1928

Farming: Traditional
Website: No Website


Friuli Latisana, a coastal DOC in the southern part of the province of Udine, about halfway between Venice and Trieste, has been an important center of Italian wine since ancient times. Its proximity to the sea breezes provides a healthy microclimate and the somewhat difficult soils challenge the vines that grow on them, resulting in more complexity and concentration of flavor in its grapes.


Centered in Pocenia, Il Ceppo was founded in 1928 by the Anselmi family. They now own 170 hectares of vineyards in the Friuli Latisana DOC that are planted to both local and international varietals. Now in its fourth generation, the Tenuta is now run by the original owner’s great-grandsons, Enrico and Fabio. Soils here on the estate are of compact clay and sand and the winemakers use sustainable farming and vinification practices.


For the Pinot Grigio, grapes are pressed in a nitrogen bath so as to best prevent any oxidative tendencies and preserve fruit and freshness. The must ferments in tank with selected yeasts and is bottled in the spring following harvest. The resulting wine is crisp, clean, and enjoyable – a text book Pinot Grigio.


The Prosecco is 100% Glera, the technical name for the the Prosecco grape. Harvest is manual, fermentation takes place in tank in the metodo italiano (also known as charmat) which is the long-established way to vinify Prosecco. It contains 11.3% alcohol and is a vivacious, lively wine, perfect as an aperitif.


These bright, refreshing, value-driven Italian offerings from Friuli are fantastic examples of wines made with native grapes and in traditional styles, with an added assist from modern winemaking techniques. The terroir of Fruili Latisana elevates these wines, and they deliver a step up in quality while remaining at a reasonable price point.



Appellation: Friuli D.O.C.

Varietal: Prosecco

Technical sheet

Il Ceppo Prosecco Rosé Label.png


Appellation: Friuli D.O.C.

Varietal: Prosecco

Technical sheet

88 pts WA -  Il Ceppo Prosecco NV

Appellation: IGT Friuli Latisana
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
Technical sheet

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