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Appellation: Collines Rhodaniennes IGP

Varietal: Syrah

Technical Sheet

90 pts VN - 2017 Syrah


Syrah IGP.png

Producer: Martin Clerc

Country: France
Region: Rhone

Founded: 1991
Farming: Sustainable (HVE-Certified)

Website: No Website


The estate was created in 1991 by Louis Clerc, Martin Clerc's father. The first bottles are produced in the early 2000s. Born in Tupin-et-Semons, a small village just north of Condrieu, Louis Clerc always knew he wanted to work in wine. He came however from a family of agriculturists who specialized not in grapes but fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other marketable forms of produce. He went to school for agronomy and began his professional life working with fruit trees, where he stayed for many decades.

However the dream of becoming a winemaker never left him. Finally in 1991, after much research and deliberation, he decided it was time, and he purchased hectarage in both the Condrieu and Côte Rôtie appellations. In 2000 Clerc entirely overhauled his facility, which sits right on the Rhône River in Chonas l’Amballan. He invested in totally modern equipment including inox cuves with temperature control. It was shortly thereafter that his wife Monique and son Martin began working with him and learning the trade with their own burgeoning passion.

Unfortunately, Louis Clerc lost his life in 2007. However, Martin is 100% prepared to keep his father’s dream alive. After studying in Burgundy and several winemaking experiments in France and in the southern hemisphere, Martin Clerc has entirely taken over the family domain, and since 2013 has been responsible for winemaking.

Today, the domain produces on 8.5 hectares: 4 ha in Côte Rôtie, 2 ha in Condrieu, 2.5 ha planted to Viognier and Syrah in Tupin Simont. The Condrieu domain is located on 3 municipalities, Malleval (Côte Bellay), Chavanay (Verlieu), Condrieu (La Roncharde, Corbery). Côte-Rôtie is in the municipality of Tupin Semon (Coteaux de Tupin, Collet, Coteaux de Bassenon)

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