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Producer: Josephus & Barbara Mayr

Country: Italy
Region: Alto Adige
Founded: 1629
Farming: Traditional

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The Erbhof Unterganzner was purchased by Simon Mayr in 1629 and the dedication and devotion to winemaking has been passed down for over ten generations. It is located above the Isarco River near the town of Bolzano in the predominantly German-speaking region of Trentino-Alto Adige in the north of Italy. Vintners in the area focus on unique local varieties such as Schiava, Kerner, and Lagrein. Despite its northern longitude, Alto Adige enjoys the warm summers and long autumns ideal for optimal ripening due to its valley location.


Located at an altitude of 285 meters above sea level, Unterganzner benefits from its proximity to the Isarco River. The higher altitude provides excellent air circulation, which optimizes vine and grape health. Loose alluvial soil gives ideal drainage, as well as warming quickly in the spring, promoting flowering and fruit set. These conditions combine for advantageous vineyard siting, and the location is ideal for growing the traditional grapes of the area. The estate specializes in Lagrein, Lagreiner Kretzer, St. Magdalener, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Kerner.  


The estate is now under the management of Josephus Mayr, who has been responsible for modernizing some of the winemaking practices, most importantly ending the use of herbicides and artificial fertilizers. This, combined with a modified Pergola system of trellising, has resulted in lower yields of more concentrated fruit. For the current generation quality is more important than quality, but tradition remains central, as Mayr also continues to grow figs, chestnuts, and olives on the property.


The Unzterganzner Estate is part of the South Tyrolean Quality Wine Estates, a group of ambitious wine growers who share their viticultural and cultivation technology. This long-term blending of tradition and advancement has earned the Myer family a name as excellent stewards of Alto Adige’s past while preserving quality and looking towards the future.


Appellation: Südtirol
Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Technical sheet

88 pts Vinous - 'Platt & Pignat' 2014


Appellation: Südtirol
Varietal: 100% Kerner
Technical sheet


Appellation: Südtirol
Varietal: 90% Schiava, 10% Lagrein
Technical sheet

89 pts Vinous - St Magdalener 2014

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