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Monte dos Cabaços

The Cabaço family has been linked to the production of grapes since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1982, the family restructured the old vineyards, adding over 30ha of new vines. In 2001, Margarida – whose restaurant received several awards such as “Best Restaurant of the Year” – and her husband decided to make their own wine instead of selling the grapes to other wine-makers. The vineyard is now 120ha for a production of 100,000 bottles of red and white wines. The grapes are tasted in the vineyard, picked and then chosen according to the same quality standards that Margarida set in her cuisine.



John Gilman - View From The Cellar

July-August 2013  Issue # 46



Producer: Margarida Cabaço

Country: Portugal
Region: Alentejo
Founded: 1982
Annual Production (of all wines): 100,000 bottles
Farming: Traditional
Website: No Website


Colheita Seleccionada Branco
Appellation: Alentejano
Varietal: Antao Vaz, Arinto, Roupeiro
Technical sheet

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