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Appellation: Saumur
Varietal: Chenin
Technical Sheet


Appellation: Saumur-Champigny

Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Technical Sheet




Producer: Caroline Meurée & Hervé Malinge 

Country: France
Region: Samur-Champigny, Loire

Annual Production: 20,000

Founded: 2019
Farming: Sustainable

Caroline Meurée and Hervé Malinge took over
Domaine des Sables Verts in 2019 from the previous owners, Alain & Domonique Duveau, to begin a new story. Motivated and enthusiastic, the duo is prepared to spark emotions from anyone who tastes their lineup.

The vineyard is located in the heart of Saumur Champigny  and covers 16 hectares made up of mostly clay-limestone soil. Taking on the initiative to work towards a more sustainable approach, they acquired the HVE High Environmental Value Certification for their first vintage and are actively working to transition to organic viticulture.


The 33 different plots, containing vines with an average age of approximately 40 years, maintain an ecological approach based on the diversity and what is complementary of the terroirs. With each terroir made up of different soil compositions, the grapes take on a variety of different expressions unique to their specific plots. One surprising note to consider is the use of “green sands.” This mineral, rich in glauconite, is precious to the Saumur region and brings freshness to the Cabernet Francs.


A few meters below the surface, the cellar lays in the midst of limestone bedrock. Temperature and humidity are consistent in the heart of the underground cellars. Once harvested, the grapes are then vatted by gravity. With a minimalistic approach to their winemaking, Caroline and Hervée use very few additives--only a few milligrams of sulfur are used to protect the juice before bottling.

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