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Producer: Eduardo Scuotto

Country: Italy
Region: Campania

Farming: Conventional, Vegan

Tenuta Scuotto's Oi Ni has been named one of the top ten wines of Vinitaly 2016 by Il Giornale


Tenuta Scuotto was founded in 2009 by Eduardo Scuotto and his son Adolfo. They were drawn to Irpina in Campania as a location ideal for the production of wines made from indigenous grapes such as Fiano, Aglianico, Greco, and Falanghina. Adolfo now works as the manager of marketing and sales, representing the winery to the public. Scuotto aims to provide the market with products that are different, yet authentic, expressions of the terroir; products which are able to convey their unique identity when tasted. Each aspect of their production is characterized by respect for the traditions of the land, while at the same time avoiding uniformity. Tenuta Scuotto limits vine yields, pays great attention to detail, and harvests by hand, all to achieve the highest quality raw product. Their original goal in coming to Irpina and founding the winery was to produce only high quality wines. But what sets them apart from other producers, is the passion. Passion drove Eduardo and Aldofo to start this project despite its high level of investment and many costs.


Working with enologist Angelo Valentino, the estate produces wines that show the passion of the winemakers and their love for this beautiful region rich of history and traditions. At Tenuta Scuotto, they produce two kinds of Fiano - a younger Fiano made with stainless steel vinification, and an aged Fiano made in oak, called Oi Ni. From the Aglianco grape, they produce two different types of red wine - Aglianico aged in stainless steel, and Taurasi, which is aged in barrique. Additional production includes Greco, Falanghina, and a particular project, created in 2012, a red wine named Stilla Maris, which shows that the estate is important not only for white wine but also for red wine. For Aglianico and Fiano, estate production is used, while for the Greco and the Falanghina, they buy the grapes that are grown in the best vineyards in the area for those particular varieties.


In the vineyards, they practice a form of traditional agriculture called Integrated Pest Management. Using only natural products in the vineyard, they have to pay a lot of attention in the health of the vines in order to maintain the balance and level of production. When more conventional farmers have to respond to less than ideal vintage conditions by using chemical products because it’s more convenient, Tenuta Scuotto focuses on maintaining the balance in the vineyard so only natural products can be used, while maintaining their high standard. While the estate isn’t certified as organic or sustainable, they make wines in a way that respects tradition and is as natural as possible.



Appellation: Campania Falanghina IGP
Varietal: Falanghina
Technical sheet



Appellation: Fiano di Avellino DOCG
Varietal: Fiano
Technical sheet

90 pts RP - Fiano 2021

90 pts JS - Fiano 2021

88 pts Decanter - Fiano 2018

90+ pts WA - Fiano 2017


Appellation: Campania Aglianico IGP
Varietal: Aglianico di Taurasi
Technical sheet


Appellation: Taurasi DOCG
Varietal: Aglianico de Taurasi
Technical sheet

92 pts RP - Taurasi 2018

91 pts JS - Taurasi 2017

95 pts Decanter - Taurasi 2017

95 pts Decanter - Taurasi 2015

89 pts WA - Taurasi 2012

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