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Sebastien Brunet

In 1974, Michel Brunet created the « Domaine de la Roche Fleurie » located in AOC Vouvray, when he inherited three-hectares (7.4 acres) of Vouvray vines from his grandfather. Little by little, Michel expanded the vineyard holdings to 37 acres. After obtaining a viticulture and oenologie degree in 2000, Michel’s son, Sébastien, joined the team.


In 2006, following the untimely passing of Michel, Sébastien became the owner of the domain, and changed the name of the Domaine to “Domaine Sebastien Brunet”. Following his personal winemaking philosophy, Sébastien decided to go into organic conversion.


Since 2006, he plows the soils and doesn’t use any chemical products. Sébastien removes the dust around the vines in order to aerate them. He observes the vines to treat them according to their needs. The grapes are hand-picked and manually selected.Sébastien’s goal is to promote a culture of winegrowing that is as wholesome as possible resulting in natural wines.


Vinification is done without chemical yeasts with low sulfur and no chaptalization. The wines are then aged in oak barrels during 12 month on fine lees.

Producer: Sebastien Brunet

Country: France
Region: Loire
Founded: 1974 
Farming: Organic
Website: No website


Sebastien Brunet Vouvray Brut

Appellation: Vouvray

Varietal: Chenin Blanc

Technical sheet

91 pts WA - Vouvray Brut NV



Sebastien Brunet Vouvray Sec
Appellation: Vouvray
Varietal: Chenin Blanc
Technical sheet


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